How to Pick the Right Plunger to Unclog a Drain

Local plumbers can unclog a drain in Sherman Oaks today when a plunger won't do the job.Household drains like showers, sinks, and toilets can clog every now and them. Sometimes you may need professional toilet repair service or shower drain repair to fix the problem. Most times, though, all you need is the right plunger to unclog a drain and move on with your day.

Think Like a Licensed Plumber to Pick the Best Plunger

To get the job done correctly it’s important that you’re using the right tools. Professional plumbers in Sherman Oaks know which plunger is best for each type of drain and we’re passing this knowledge on to you. As you shop for a plunger, here are some things to keep in mind.

There are two different kinds of plungers: Each of these plungers serve a different purpose. Flat surfaces like sinks and shower drains require a plunger with a flat bottom. Toilets, though, need something more. A toilet plunger should have a curved bottom and a flange. The flange protrudes from the bottom of the plunger so that it can get farther into the toilet and create suction.

Is your plunger too old? Clogs are dislodged by plungers when a tight seal or vacuum is created. It is this vacuum effect that suctions the blockage. If you’ve had the same plunger for years, it’s possible that its lost its effectiveness. Cracks or tears in the rubber will make it difficult for the plunger to do its job. Toss the tool and head to the home improvement store to buy a replacement.

Don’t overwork: Find a plunger with a comfortable that is easy to use. You’re plunging a toilet, not digging a whole to China. Purchase a plunger that doesn’t require additional elbow grease.

Call a Sherman Oaks Plumber for Professional Drain Cleaning Service

Some clogs are simply too big or too far in the drain to be plunged. In cases like this, it’s better to call a drain cleaning plumber to unclog a drain. My Sherman Oaks Plumber Hero is a local drain cleaning company available today to help you with the toughest drain clogs. Call now for affordable pricing and same-day service.

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